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Soul Tears

Jan 3, 2021

Do you get inspired by certain documentaries? What lessons can you learn from them?

In today’s episode of Soul Tears, it’s movie review time! Well, not your ordinary review show, but a look at how 4 inspiring documentaries teach us many mental wellness lessons.

They include:

◼️Won’t You Be My Neighbor - the power of kindness, listening and creating space.

◼️Man on Wire - having a clear vision, belief in yourself and having support.

◼️Crip Camp - A Disability Revolution - the power of acceptance and building community.
◼️20 Feet From Stardom -  recognizing the support systems in your life, providing opportunities.

A special thanks to a group of friends who joined me in an inspiring documentary challenge in December. The challenge was to watch as many films from a curated list and jump on a weekly call to discuss.  (Download the list of movies here.)

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