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Soul Tears

May 2, 2020

What are the moments in life that you remember as pivotal? When do you feel safe sharing mental health challenges with an employer?

Today our guest  J.S. Park shares how he turned a devastating encounter with an employer into a powerful realization.   

In this episode you will learn:

◼️  How negative experiences can become mountain top moments

◼️  What are the challenges and stigma of end of life care during the Covid-19 Era

◼️  How to use your voice in any room, friendly or not

◼️  Why keeping notes and writings from your past can turn into something big

About our Guest

J.S. Park is a hospital chaplain, a chaplain for the homeless, former atheist/agnostic, sixth degree black belt, suicide survivor, Korean-American, and loves Jesus.

J.S. is an author with Moody Publishers. The book is titled The Voices We Carry: Finding Your One True Voice in a World of Clamor and Noise.

J.S. currently serves at a 1000+ bed hospital, one of the top-ranked in the nation, and as a chaplain for Metropolitan Ministries, one of the largest nonprofit charities for the homeless on the east coast.

Connect with J.S. Park:

◼️Instagram: jspark3000

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