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Soul Tears

Apr 27, 2020

What are some practical tips you can use to help reduce stress during this pandemic or any difficult period?  Dr. Sepic spends time sharing her expertise with our audience today. 

About this Episode

In order to provide timely, informative information during this difficult period, the Soul Tears podcast team is providing additional bonus episodes.  These "Soul Tears Live" episodes feature guests who have gone live on Facebook to share impactful content in the areas of mental wellness and other related topics.

 About our Guest

Dr. Erin Sepic is a Chiropractor, Kinesiologist, Intuitive and Speaker. Born and raised in Kingston, Ontario Canada, she has enjoyed the last 15 years in private practice in Richmond Vermont, specializing in pediatrics, prenatal care and Movement disorders. She is a passionate advocate for the healing potential of the human body, and feels deeply fortunate to be able to help patients (and clients) learn to heal themselves in all sorts of different ways.

In her spare time she enjoys mountain biking, sailing, paddling, hiking, and connecting with loved ones. She lives in Shelburne VT with her Goldendoodle, Gryffin.

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