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Soul Tears

Jan 24, 2021

Have you ever left a relationship thinking something was wrong with you?  Has your sexual confidence been shattered?

In today’s episode, Jean Franzblau shares how leaving a relationship was the key to unlocking a whole new world of happiness, fulfillment and yes, cuddle sanctuary events!

In this wide-ranging episode we chat about:

◼️Finding yourself after a difficult breakup

◼️Reclaiming your sexual health

◼️Inside the world of non-sexual cuddle sanctuaries

◼️ How to keep physically connected during the pandemic

About our Guest

After attending her first cuddle event, Jean Franzblau was amazed at how good she felt. And so she founded Cuddle Sanctuary – the Los Angeles destination for touch positive events and professional cuddling since 2014. Jean studied event facilitation with Cuddle Party and the Association of Talent Development and is a certified professional cuddler. She leads training and online certification programs for professional cuddlers; her next program starts in February. Jean graduated cum laude with a BA in communications from UCLA. You can find Jean’s writing in the Consent Guidebook. In the media, you can find her on BuzzFeed, Rolling Stone and Dr. Phil.

Connect with Jean Franzblau:
◼️@cuddlesanctuary on FB, IG and Twitter


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