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Soul Tears

Apr 9, 2020

It is a time in our lives like no other.  How can you ask yourself better questions to improve your mindset?  What can you focus on to help you and your loved ones get through difficult times?

This episode is for you if you want to experience practical and inspired motivation.

brotha James, an inspiring musician and elite facilitator, shares the following 5 keys to building greater resilience:

  1. Slow down and learn simple breathing techniques.
  2. Pay attention to the questions you ask yourself including “why” questions.
  3. Be mindful with those you spend time.
  4. Know that the media and social media you consume does affect your mood.
  5. Recognize the importance of sticking to an exercise regimen.

About our Guest brotha James

From a small town in Northern Michigan, the Uplifting Pop Rock musician brotha James is turning heads across the globe.  Fans describe his music as uplifting, inspirational and energizing! 

In a sea of disempowering music, brotha James’ creates songs with lyrics and beats that bring out the resilience and resourcefulness in each of us.  

In a world full of negativity, disempowerment, and divisiveness, brotha James is setting a new standard for how musicians and artists can positively impact the world. 

There is no better time to harness our power, to embrace our strengths, and to come together to support one another. 

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