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Soul Tears

Oct 18, 2020

Can making someone laugh prevent abuse?  How can comedy be the source of healing and be a powerful connector?

Welcome to Soul Tears where we talk about those emotional A-Ha moments in life and what we can learn from them.

In this episode, Lisa David Olson shares how laughter literally helped her survive childhood trauma and lead to her to  the world of Improv.   With laughs and life lessons, Lisa's story is unique yet universal.

About our Guest
Lisa David Olson is a speaker, creative coach and author of the memoir Laughs on Wry, in which she shares how humor saved her life after an abusive childhood.

Her serious-toned message reveals the power of humor to heal and connect. A writer and performer of sketch comedy, parody songs, and improvisation for decades, Lisa’s energetic style and determination always leaves joy in her wake.

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