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Soul Tears

Mar 15, 2020

How can a mostly free meditation app help you during difficult times like we face today? How can it help reduce anxiety and depression while helping you get a good night sleep?  

In today’s episode, I share my experience using one of the popular meditation apps known as the Insight Timer.

One of my personal goals over the past few years is to build up my mental wealth toolkit.  Mediation, or my adaptation of meditation, has helped me immensely. I am not an expert on mediation, I just want to share my personal experience so that you might learn something that helps you.

Featured Resources Mentioned in the This Episode:

◼️Insight Timer:  (download the free app)
◼️Morning Meditations

Morning Meditation with Music with Jonathan Lehmann

Morning Gratitude & Intention Meditation with Jememy Zinzan

◼️Night Time Meditation

Yoga Nidra for Sleep with Jennifer Piercy

◼️Courses Mentioned (addition fee required)

Goals and Dreams with Kenneth Soars

Attract Love Into You Life with Christiana Sian McMahon

Skillfully Moving Through Challenging Times with Kaira Jewel Lingo

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