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Soul Tears

Dec 6, 2020

Welcome to Soul Tears.  Today is our solo round?

Do you ever get so focused on what you are doing you forget everything around you?

In today's episode, we talk about getting into the Flow state and how that can free you from periods of anxiety and depression.


The 8 Characteristics of Flow

(Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi)

  1. Complete concentration on the task;
  2. Clarity of goals and reward in mind and immediate feedback;
  3. Transformation of time (speeding up/slowing down);
  4. The experience is intrinsically rewarding;
  5. Effortlessness and ease;
  6. There is a balance between challenge and skills;
  7. Actions and awareness are merged, losing self-conscious rumination;
  8. There is a feeling of control over the task.

*Courtesy of Positive Psychology

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