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Soul Tears

Feb 21, 2021

Do you remember your dreams?  If so do you do anything with them? 

Delane Cooper shares how she turned a traumatic childhood into a unique, loving way to create custom jewellery. 

She also shares a golden moment when she realizes why she has been so triggered by her husband when he tries to give her loving hugs. 

About our Guest
Delane Cooper is a Dreamatizer and goldsmith who dreams people's stories into jewellery. She is author of Letters to Eli, My Story the Story of Many, a non graphic memoir on how trauma shows up from physical challenges and flashbacks when ‘triggered’ to being a woman who is shining a light to help others heal. Outside of creating jewellery, Delane is President & Co-founder of the Lotus Hero Project, a not-for-profit, which helps to improve the mental health of children and adults through art where trauma had been experienced. As a mental health advocate, Delane believes in giving back to and being part of community and as such serves as a Board Director of the Toronto Art Therapy Institute.

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