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Soul Tears

Jan 9, 2020

What does a young middle school girl do when she is constantly bullied by the neighborhood kids?

How does that girl transform the constant rejection, name-calling and abuse into a movement?

In today’s powerful episode, you will learn how Rachel Weinstock, a.k.a. Miss Rainbow Fairly, fought hard to become the teacher she most needed as a child.  As an elementary school teacher and speaker, Rachel shares the a-ha moment when she really understood true ugliness and what she must do to fight. As she heals from her own experience,  she has learned to step into her own power and empower her students to do the same.

About our Guest

Rachel holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts and a Bachelor of Education. In addition, she has spent over a decade studying public speaking, storytelling, improvisational acting, red-nose clowning, dance, and life-coaching.

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