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Soul Tears

Nov 23, 2020

Do you ever feel that you are called to more with your life?  Have you ever been on a trip and wanted to drop everything else in your life? 

“Going on a dive trip to the Galapagos while I was a lawyer showed me how unhappy I was in that life, and caused me to go back and quit my life, move to South America, and restart a totally new career in environmental advocacy. I haven't looked back since, and have never regretted it, even when things were hard and scary. It was the first time I awoke to wanting a different kind of life and taking action to create it.”  - Tiffany Duong

In this episode we cover:

◼️How one trip can change your entire life

◼️Why what you felt as a child can reveal your life’s work

◼️Practical tips to HOW to find your true calling


About our Guest

Tiffany Duong is a committed ocean story-teller and change-maker. After a decade in renewable energy law, an epic scuba diving trip to the Galapagos inspired her to focus on our oceans and to campaign for our planet. Now, she protects what she loves as an ocean advocate, environmental reporter, and ambassador for change. She supports numerous news agencies and organizations all committed to bettering our planet. When she's not underwater, she can be found on her yoga mat or planning her next adventure. 

Ocean Rebels is a community where Tiffany houses her advocacy, journalistic, and educational pursuits. She founded Ocean Rebels to champion the environment through films, advocacy, and expeditions. The baseline principle is that different thinking and bold action are required in order for us to create a better world and to spark lasting change.

Connect with Tiffany:



◼️IG: @lilicedt @oceanrebels

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◼️Twitter: @lilicedt and @ocean_rebels

Smithsonian Book’s “American Marine Sanctuaries” - Photos included by our guest.

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