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Soul Tears

Dec 12, 2020

How do you react when you you get really bad news like losing your job? 

After walking up the day after losing his job, our guest had a powerful experience with pen and paper that changed his life forever.  It all started with a single word - STRONG.

In this episode:

◼️ Use writing to help find your passion.
◼️ How to incorporate your passion projects into your day job
◼️ How to use Words as a connection tool.

About our Guest

Bruce Pulver is a highly sought-after international TEDx speaker and author. What started out as a single word of inspiration after a life-changing "BAM Moment" has grown to so much more… from writing an inspirational book, delivering an empowering TEDx and launching the massively successful “WORDshop” program that teaches high performing executives and organizations skills to maximize results by leveraging the power of their words. Bruce is also a seasoned sales executive who has earned multiple sales performance awards and driven over $100M in new sales during his career.

His best-selling book, “Above the Chatter, Our Words Matter: Powerful Words That Changed My Life Forever” is the foundation for his captivating keynotes and innovative “WORD-shop” programs. His work delivers an immediate and lasting impact on the lives he touches

Connect with Bruce:
◼️Facebook: @Abovethechatterourwordsmatter

◼️Ted Talk - The secret to changing negative self-talk by renewing your mindset

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