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Soul Tears

Oct 10, 2020

Welcome back to Soul Tears! This is the show where we talk about those emotional A-Ha moments in life and what we can learn from them.

Have you had a second chance in your own life?  Have you faced your mortality and fought back?

Today’s guest Omar Prieto faced one such moment while waking from a coma.  As the doctor bluntly told him to change his ways or die, Omar knew he had to do something.    

In this episode, go on a journey with Omar as he tries to change his mindset, the people in this life, the thoughts in his head and the way he lives his life.

About our Guest
Omar Prieto  is a  physical trainer an life coach helping his clients  live a more fulfilling and happy.  After a life-changing medical event in 2010, he has been on a journey to serve his clients tapping into his his personal and professional experience.   Omar is moderator with Jay Shetty’s Genius Coaching group.

Check Omar on his new show live on Facebook, REVERSE ENGINEERING MINDSET.

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