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Soul Tears

Jan 1, 2020

What do you do when the one thing you thought made you “you” is gone?

After her lumbar vertebrae collapsed while competing in an Ultra Marathon, Shelley Brown tried everything to get past debilitating pain, anxiety and depression.

Even after back surgery relieved her physical pain, nothing she tried helped overcome her mental health challenges.

In this episode, Shelley shares how she finally found Mindfulness as a way forward.

She got over the notion that Mindfulness is not “woo woo” or “chi chi” but rather a practice that changed her life. 

About our Guest

Shelley Brown spent 20+ years working for various companies in the Hi-tech & Hospitality industry. Today she's a Rock Star Mindfulness Speaker who invites everyday people how to train their brains and achieve remarkable calm, focus, enjoyment of life and show up better together.

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