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Soul Tears

Oct 3, 2020

Have you ever met someone and felt such a powerful, instant connection and knew there was something there?  

Today’s guest, Gerard Longo,  takes us on his journey of personal loss, major health issues and one chance encounter that led him to starting a music publication business in Nashville.

About Gerard Longo

“I’m a huge believer in maintaining a positive internal dialogue, and keeping the negative noise out. I spent the majority of my life (until about age 30-31) letting negativity and scarcity drive the narrative. An abrupt, challenging mindset shift began around that time, and by working through the discomfort of that time, I was able to focus on abundance and transform my life.”  - Gerard Longo

Connect with Gerard:

◼️Social Handles: Instagram: @umusiccollective / @gerardlongo12; Facebook: @umusiccollective; Twitter: @CollectiveUM/@GerardLongo12

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