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Soul Tears

Jan 9, 2021

As we are releasing this, it has been a shocking and sad week in the United States.  This week’s episode was recorded and planned for release before the events of the week. I share this episode with a heavy heart but also one filled with hope.

In this episode, Tiffani Cappello recounts her life-threatening experience living in a religious cult and what she did to save her life.  We go deep into the power of the mind to heal from traumatic events.  She shares the dramatic impact a therapy called Rapid Transformation had on her life. 

In this episode, we discuss:

◼️ The connection between your physical well-being and mental well-being
◼️ Getting a glimpse of life inside a religious cult
◼️ The importance of engaging outside your own bubble
◼️ How big leaps can have negative consequences
◼️ Discussing the healing impact of Rapid Transformational Therapy 

About our Guest
Tiffani is a Transformational coach and RTT therapist in Ohio. Her passion is transforming lives from the inside out by using unique and life-changing processes developed to impact the subconscious mind by eradicating limiting beliefs and healing subconscious wounds. Tiffani once suffered from severe mental and physical health problems that resulted from childhood trauma and the unrelenting stress of trying to be perfect. She tried for many years to overcome these problems unsuccessfully until learning to hack subconscious mind and transform her life at a deep level. And now she helps other men and women to do the same.

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