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Soul Tears

Nov 7, 2020

How do you handle many personal tragedies all at once?

On one tragic day,  Christine lost many of her close friends in a tragic limo accident. Soon after a relationship ended.

In this episode we discuss:

◼️ How to push past those who tell you “No”

◼️ Why having a strong personal network can help at pivotal moments

◼️ How to move forward after a tragedy when losing many friends

◼️ How to go deeper in personal and business situations to better connect

◼️ How to channel positive energy to chase your dreams

About our Guest

Christine is not your average gal. A divorced mom of one, Christine has an engineered, artistic mind with a bartender’s personality. She has made her way through predominantly male industries to build a business tailored to those with a genuine givers mindset. Her experience has aided in her development of a process to educate others on how to build their networks intentionally. Christine has built her business through active community building and strives for others to be able to replicate, so that perhaps one day networking won’t always feel like a dirty word.

Connect with Christine:

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