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Soul Tears

Jan 30, 2020

What happens when you have the experience of a lifetime on a mountain top in India? What do you do next?  How do you channel that energy to start a new venture to help others experience that mountain top moment? In this episode of Soul Tears, Mali Phonpadith shares the powerful A-Ha moment she felt along with her...

Jan 22, 2020

Have you ever received really bad news at the dentist?  How was it delivered? How did you react?

In today’s solo episode, host Sean Bloch recounts a frustrating recent trip to the dentist when the dental assistant reads him the riot act.  With his blood boiling and a real need to lash out, Sean shares how he...

Jan 16, 2020

Have you ever done a 21, 50 or 75 day challenge?  How did it go for you? Recently I took on the #75Hard challenge that I kept seeing posted on social.  In this episode, I bring back a previous guest and one of my favorite people, Gina Molinari, to discuss both of our experiences with #75hard.  

We discuss:

  • Facing...

Jan 9, 2020

What does a young middle school girl do when she is constantly bullied by the neighborhood kids?

How does that girl transform the constant rejection, name-calling and abuse into a movement?

In today’s powerful episode, you will learn how Rachel Weinstock, a.k.a. Miss Rainbow Fairly, fought hard to become the teacher...

Jan 1, 2020

What do you do when the one thing you thought made you “you” is gone?

After her lumbar vertebrae collapsed while competing in an Ultra Marathon, Shelley Brown tried everything to get past debilitating pain, anxiety and depression.

Even after back surgery relieved her physical pain, nothing she tried helped overcome...