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Soul Tears

Feb 4, 2020

Do you want to spend 10 minutes learning from life changing experiences?  In this episode of Soul Tears, we bring you a glimpse into the hearts and souls of many of our guests.  

Have a cup of coffee, take a quick break and grab a takeaway or two from these really authentic people.

  1. Recognize if  You Need Help -  Devin Roscillo
  2. Take Care of Yourself First  - Gina Molinari
  3. Use Visualization to Get What Your Want - Ryan Tomcko
  4. Problems Always Exist, use Self-Awareness to Cope - Shelly Drymon
  5. The Three things We Need in Life. - Leanne Bennent 
  6. Trust Your Inner Guidance, Not Your Ego- Michaiel Patrick Bovenes

Connect with our guests:
◼️Devin Roscillo:
◼️Gina Molinari: or
Ryan Tomcko: Instagram at @Ryantomcko
◼️Shelly Drymon:
◼️Leanne Bennet: or

◼️Michaiel Patrick Bovenes: Instagram @soul.utions or

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